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Marvel films often look like they are even more fun to work on than they are to watch, and Thor: Ragnarok might be the most fun of them all.That’s because the endlessly goofy and quirky Taika Waititi of What We Do in the Shadows fame was sitting in the director’s chair and, as you can imagine, plenty of the film’s outtakes focus on him:The featurette comes from the Thor: Ragnarok home release.

Of all the bonkers things that did make it to the screen, there was plenty of weirdness in the script that didn’t make it into the finished product – including something to do with a thousand screaming squirrels.

Even for a film about a man with a magical lightning hammer, that’s pretty offbeat.There was plenty of improvisation on the set that made it into the final film, including the standout ‘get help’ scene.

Next up for Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is Black Panther, which isn’t even out yet but it’s already breaking records for the studio: tickets are selling out so quickly that even star Lupita Nyong’o can’t book a showing.Black Panther will pounce into cinemas (and maybe smash more records?) on February 9, 2018 in the UK and February 16, 2018 in the US.If you loved “Thor: Ragnarok” you’re kinda stuck in limbo right now — there’s probably not any theaters near you still showing the movie, and there’s still several weeks before you can buy your own copy (it’ll be available digitally on Feb. 20 and on disc March 6).

But if you need your fix of the wackiest Marvel movie yet, you can sort of get it, thanks to this goofy behind-the-scenes gag reel that the folks behind the movie put together for the home video release. It’s not your typical gag reel — this video doesn’t feature much in the way of outtakes, but is much more focused on the antics of writer/director Taika Waititi on set. You can watch the video embedded above.

And also not on set. The video opens with Waititi singing an improvised song to go with the Marvel Studios logo that they put at the beginning of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.As for the on-set “hijinx,” as “Thor: Ragnarok” star Tessa Thompson describes them in the video, they include, but are not limited to: Waititi wearing a wig, Waititi marveling at the random things the set dressers put in a scene on the alien planet of Sakaar, Waititi marveling that behind one of the doors on set was the island of Australia, and Waititi dancing with Cate Blanchett.It goes on and on like that, and it is good.

“Thor: Ragnarok,” as you may know, came out in November and ended with a sort of cliffhanger that will lead directly into this summer’s “Avengers: Infinity War” — you can read all about that momentous occurrence here. There’s still one more Marvel movie between us and that massive teamup flick: the Ryan Coogler-directed “Black Panther,” which lands on Feb. 16 and will be taking aim at the record for biggest President’s Day weekend ever at the box office — a mark currently held by “Deadpool,” which pulled in $152 million over the four-day weekend in 2016.Disney has dropped a new trailer for its upcoming “Thor: Ragnarok” home entertainment releases. The studio also confirmed the release dates of the digital, DVD and Blu-ray releases of the hit Marvel film.

As announced by Disney, “Thor: Ragnarok” will be available digitally on Feb. 20. The digital release will be followed by the DVD and Blu-ray home releases, which will arrive two weeks later on March 6.

The home video release will include another Marvel One-Shot style short film that stars Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) weird housemate Darryl, who previously appeared in the “Team Thor” featurette. In the said clip, the character was hilariously wondering who none of the Avengers asked him to join them during the battle that took place in “Captain America: Civil War.”

The home video release also features a commentary by film director Taika Waititi, who is expected to give some valuable insight and additional trivia about one of the most successful films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The full list of Blu-ray bonus features includes deleted scenes, some funny outtakes; the third part of the mockumentary “Team Thor” titled “Team Darryl,” the evolution of the superheroes in “Avengers: Infinity War;” and some featurettes tackling Waititi’s vision for the film, particularly when it comes to the story’s audacious female characters, Korg, the tyrannical leader of Sakaar, the Grandmaster; as well as the origins of the “Thor” comic book.

“Thor: Ragnarok” opened in theaters November and was one of Marvel’s most successful outings in 2017. It centers on the God of Thunder and his rise back to power after an embarrassing defeat at the hands of Hela. In the film, he faces the Incredible Hulk in a gladiatorial combat.

“Thor: Ragnarok” is the third installment in the “Thor” franchise and was met with generally positive reviews, blowing away expectations with its $120 million revenue on its opening weekend.

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